Our Mission:

Our goals are simple: 

Supply financial support to foster homes for horse's to seek healthy rehabilitation. 

Horse rescue efforts and rehabilitation.

Assist with the medical financial burdens of animals suffering from abuse.

Support local adoptions by donating funds to drop adoption prices, cutting down on shelter animal totals.

Hooves riding program allowing folks of all ages seeking the relaxation and stress relief a horse 

Our volunteer's learn marketing, animal care, and public relations through fundraising programs. We are also a program of non-paid individuals striving to make the animal world a better place!

Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws

We were told that to be successful a mission statement is a necessary tool. The mission is to stay on task and to narrow our focus to only the important things. As a group of crazy, outspoken, energetic individuals we live for animal related adventures, we focus on horse rescue, animal fostering, and the humane treatment of animals. We look at every rescue, foster and chance to advocate for the voiceless as a new adventure and accept the challenges therein.

Our adventure through donations, sponsorships, grants, and fundraisers will allow us to give the animals and community a kick start on a great life. 

Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws Animal Advocacy

1603 Stockton Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93308